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Several Years Ago, Joyce Resigned Herself To
Being Overweight, Unhealthy And Unhappy

I truly thought I’d lost my chance to be healthy. I had tried literally every diet and exercise plan out there, yet I always seemed to end up in worse shape than when I started. I had high blood pressure, achy knees, lower back pain, high cholesterol and yes, insulin resistance. I was headed towards diabetes – and I felt hopeless, worthless, and totally alone.

And if that wasn’t enough, this was supposed to be one of the most joyous times in my life: my son’s wedding was just a few weeks away.

But when he took me to try on dresses, I felt discouraged all over again. The dresses just weren’t fitting, and there was no way I was going to try on a size 16. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!

And then I saw it… My dream dress. It was elegant and sophisticated, and I knew I had to have it. The only problem was, I couldn’t zip it up.

My son, who was waiting patiently through all of this, tried to help me. I was going to squeeze into this size 14 no matter what… WRONG! No matter how hard he pulled, there was a 4-inch wide space from one side of the zipper to the other.

Worse than the utter embarrassment of the dress being too tight was the look I saw in my son’s face, that I could see reflected in the mirror in front of me.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to realize that
my son was disappointed in me…

I fit comfortably in size 6 jeans, my blood sugar has returned to normal, and I have more energy now than I did when I was 25. I still enjoy the foods I love, and I no longer feel like my weight defines me.

If Joyce’s Story Sounds Familiar, You’re Not Alone

Every day, hundreds of people with their own version of this story join a Thin&Healthyprogram, and transform before our very eyes.

They go from sick, tired, and hating the person staring back at them in the mirror to healthy, confident, and living full and happy lives… and they never look back!

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Introducing: The LAST Weight
Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

At Thin&Healthy™ Online, our goal is to get you loving life again and to have you never need another weight loss program. By following this simple system, within a year, you will have a new perspective and habits to help you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

We have over 150 years of combined experience helping people attain permanent weight lossresults, and we’ve turned our best strategies into one simple, easy-to-follow program.

  • No more embarrassing public weigh-ins
  • No more intimidating trips to the gym
  • No more “special food” or expensive meal plans

This program is designed to work within your current lifestyle – instead of having to center your whole life around the program (like you have to with most other weight loss plans).

It’s the same, PROVEN system that’s already helped thousands of people lose millions of pounds in our physical locations – and now it’s available to you in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home.

Start Dropping Pounds And Shedding Inches
Without Even Walking Out Your Front Door!

Until recently, this powerful program was only available in our physical locations. And while one-on-one coaching is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off, our team kept saying to one another, “But what about the people who need our help who don’t have a location in their area?”

And now, you can get our complete, proven weight-loss program delivered straight to your laptop or tablet! That means you can get started instantly – and see results in no time.

You’re about to discover how to eat ALL your favorite foods and LOSE weight instead of gaining it! You’ll learn exactly how to start dropping pounds, shedding inches and literally re-training your body’s natural metabolism – with simple steps you can take right in your own living room.

Using this program, you’ll be able to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Here’s What’s Included In The
Thin&Healthy™ Online Program

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started guide will show you how the program works, why it works, and why it will work for you. This simple, easy-to-follow orientation manual will give you all the tools and information to start losing weight immediately, and how to get the best possible results from our program.

Easy, Low-Impact Fat Burning Plan

You won’t believe how easy it is to burn calories and fat with basic movement and exercise. You’ll be amazed with this super-simple, yet highly effective movement and exercise plan to get you maximum results in minimal time, and all from the convenience of your own home.

No more trips to the gym for you. This entire program can be done from your own home, or as part of your usual daily routine. It’s really that easy.

The Quick-Start Cookbook

The perfect cookbook for beginners showing you how to make delicious, tasty meals for the whole family in combinations and portions that burn maximum fat, and keep your metabolism working at peak levels. And using the same foods your family is already eating, so your family won’t even notice the difference. These meals are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare, suing real, grocery store food. The same food already in your fridge and cupboards.

7 Fat-Burning, Weight Loss Phases

Our proven system is delivered in 7 easy-to-follow phases to take you through every step of the weight loss journey. Whether you want to drop 10 pounds, or lose 100, these intuitive Phases give you the exact blueprint for dropping pounds and shedding inches faster and easier than you ever thought possible. It’s literally the last weight loss program you’ll ever need because it’s based on permanent results that are easy to follow, and even easier to stick with.

The 20 Favorite Foods Guide

It’s true. We’ll show you how you can eat your 20 favorite foods and still lose weight using the proven Thin&Healthy™Weight Loss System. This system contains a complete guide for preparing and combining your favorite foods with the program to get great results without having to give up the foods you love. This guide will show you exactly what you need to know to lose weight eating things like ice cream, pizza, burgers and fries.

Fast Food Guides

Yep! You read that right. You can even eat your favorite fast food on this program. Each program Phase includes a handy Fast Food guide showing you how you can continue to eat at popular fast food restaurants and still follow the program, continuing to shed pounds and inches. This really is different than any other program out there.

Enjoy The PERMANENT Weight Loss
Results EVERYONE Is Talking About…

In addition to having over 100 physical locations throughout the U.S. and winning Business of the Year Award for our corporate headquarters location, Thin&Healthy has been getting lots of praise from the likes of:

  • Oprah’ s Oxygen Network
  • Fitness Insider Show (the producer called Thin&Healthy “the best kept secret in weight loss”)
  • Women’s World Magazine
  • Success Magazine

Our program is internationally recognized for helping thousands of people lose millions of pounds, and touching in over 94 countries.

And now, we’re bringing these results right to your laptop or tablet.

Finally, a Weight Loss program that
works WITH your lifestyle!

The Thin&Healthy™ plan incorporates real food, so you can continue to eat at restaraunts, parties, and family get-togethers, without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. There is simply no other program that makes losing weight this easy!

You’ll Never Go Hungry!

On the Thin&Healthy™ program, you won’t have to deprive yourself or go hungry ever again. Our program encourages snacking! Why? Because snacking helps maintain your metabolic rate so you continue burning fat and calories all day long.

The Thin&Healthy™ Weight Loss System is not your typical weight loss program. You can use our proven system to shed pounds and inches all from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

  • You get to eat what you want
  • You don’t have to count calories
  • You get to go out to restaurants
  • You get to eat with your family
  • You don’t have to deprive yourself

Just Listen To What Our Past
Members Have To Say…

Meet Jill Waite

  • Total Pounds Lost: 74.2
  • Total Inches Lost: 59.25
  • Size Drop: size 18 to size 10

“Imagine growing up as a fat kid with the last name Waite.  That made me the (ahem) butt of some pretty cruel kids’ jokes.

I heard them all: “You have such a pretty face.” “You have such a great personality/sense of humor.” “Your smile is what people notice, not your hips.” Uh huh. Nice in theory, but we all know that eyes are drawn to the biggest thing in the room and, no matter how wide it was, that was not my smile.

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. At that time, a doctor suggested not treating it since I would have to be on pills the rest of my life.  Looking back, that was really bad advice, because I kept getting heavier and heavier.

When I turned 40 my dad was diagnosed with a rare, terminal form of cancer called mesothelioma.  For me his death left a cataclysmic hole in my being that would not heal. I was angry and I didn’t mind sharing my anger with everyone. I found solace in hibernating and binge eating. I knew that was dysfunctional and would not “fill” the part of me that was missing but I did not care. I was a closet eater-no one ever saw all that I could consume, but it was becoming increasingly apparent anyway.  One of my extremely dysfunctional mindsets would have me believe that if I devoured the entire cake, then it would not be in my cupboard for people to see, and to tempt me tomorrow. Of course I would go buy something else to take its place and the vicious cycle would continue.

Simultaneously, I began to have some health problems that led my gynecologist to schedule a hysterectomy. Before the surgery, I researched my symptoms on the internet and found it could be hypothyroidism causing problems.  I once again was diagnosed and a simple pill nullified my need for a hysterectomy. I was thankful for the diagnosis, but it did create another issue-it becomes very easy to blame the inability to lose weight, or the continual gain, on the hypothyroidism. I can’t recount the times the words, “But I have hypothyroidism” came out of my mouth. It became my crutch, as I was home free-basing bags of potato chips.

My epiphanal moment came on my birthday.  I awakened, 45 years old and thought about how my dad has lived his life and the legacy he left through me, Mom, his family of origin, all his former students and everyone else he met.  I realized I was not living his legacy by living sub standardly, and that made me nauseous. I got into my vehicle and drove to Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, not even knowing what it was or why I was going. I signed up that day with a starting weight of 243 lbs. I told no one what I had done, in case I was a failure (how is that for defeatist thinking?) but ended up telling my mom, my boyfriend and best friend after my first week’s weight loss.  After a few pounds, my other friends and co-workers told me; I didn’t have to tell them.  My weight kept decreasing and my strength kept increasing.

One of the biggest changes in my life, besides the weight, is that I am no longer angry. That anger seethed right at the surface for almost five years and it is gone through what I have gained through Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution.  My life has changed physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

I have no desire to binge eat at all.  I abused my body for far too long. My entire life I have carried too much weight, and I was able to blame my thyroid, and anything else that sounded feasible. I just needed to face it, take responsibility, and do something about it. Now that I have I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.  I guess now is my time.

The staff at Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, although called coaches, have been far more than that for me.  They are cheerleaders, counselors and friends. The program and the people associated with it are a Godsend. They are always willing offer suggestions on the food programs and make each one of us feel like we are the most important person there.”

Meet AlanDoc” Whitler

  • Total Pounds Lost: 135.3
  • Total Inches Lost: 103

“Before I started the program, doing normal day-to-day things was getting tougher and tougher. At first I thought it was just the aging factor and it was something I would have to live with. But, being in the plumbing business, there were crawlspaces I could no longer fit into. I would go to work and by the end of the day I could barely move my knees and my feet hurt so much. Buying pain relief pills helped, but not all that much. Kids are kids but it hurt my feeling when they would look at me and call me fat. When a group got together and all we had were camp chairs, I learned after wrecking a few that I should just stand or sit on the ground.

One day I just decided to do something about my problem, and seeing Donna’s ads on TV I stopped in and made an appointment for the next day.

When I first started I took it real serious and I was having some 8-10 pound weekly losses, along with some weeks where it might only be 1 pound or even gaining a little. Once I got into a pattern of following the easy phases and listening to the coaches and trainers, I finally got into a groove where I would lose a little every week. I got down to 266 pounds which beat my goal of 75 pounds lost.

With that goal met I decided to get down to 225 which I did. For the last bit of weight loss, I signed up with a personal trainer to firm myself up and lose those last few pounds. Since I met my 2nd goal I have been on maintenance and have lost around 2 pounds a month while working out an average of 4 times a week.  I’ve lost 135.3 lbs and 103 inches.”

With Our Great Results Level Program,
You’ll Enjoy All This…

  • A full year access to our Thin&Healthy Online Weight Loss Program
  • The Life Success® Program (52 weekly modules), giving you more knowledge and tools to help you prevent life from getting in the way of your weight loss goal.
  • A complete set of menus that use real, grocery store foods
  • Special discounts and promotions on supplements, bars, books, and other great products
  • The convenience of completing our program all from the comfort of your own home

And, Easy-To-Use Tools For Maximizing Your Results

  • Weekly “Healthy Hope Coaching Emails” to support you to achieve better and faster results
  • Weekly Thin&Healthy® Recipes to make losing weight delicious and easy
  • Easy Tips and Ideas to help you eat your 20 favorite foods and still lose weight


When you enroll in our Great Results Level Program, we’ll also include our success handbook entitled, It’s Not About The Food, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, plus a one-on-one coaching call with our certified weight loss coach.

In It’s Not About The Food, you’ll learn:

  • How to eat your favorite foods and keep your weight off permanently
  • How to monitor your behavior so you can stay in control of your eating
  • How protein helps to speed up your metabolism and curbs your appetite
  • 10 ways to size up your servings
  • 3 factors that affect metabolism
  • The difference between emotional eating and physical hunger
  • How to find an extra 1,000 hours worth of time each year
  • Plus, how to walk your way to health

Bonus free coaching call to get you on the right track!

Our certified weight loss coaching expert will be able to help pin point what has been preventing you from seeing weight loss success and help you achieve your weight loss goals easier than ever before.

You get to work a seasoned coach who’s not only been in the industry since 2002, but who has been where you are, and lost the weight plus kept it off.  She will help you uncover what has been holding you back, tripping you up and preventing you from getting your life to where you are healthy and happy.  Don’t lose out on this coaching opportunity. When the spots for free coaching with her are gone, they are gone!

That’s the complete, proven Thin&Healthy® weight loss program, plus our Life Success® program, plus our easy-to-use tools and a one on one coaching call. All for just $27.00 a month!


Our Personal Guarantee

We guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use this program exactly as described you will not only lose an average of 7-10 lbs. per month, but you will also learn valuable skills that will teach you how to keep those pounds off for good! That’s right, you can look forward to dropping an average of 7-10 lbs. per month that you would have retained without the information you’re about to discover.

Plus if you sincerely feel we fell short in any way on delivering everything we promised the program would be, we’ll be happy allow you to end your program at any point in time before its expiration date.


You Are Closer Now Than You’ve Ever Been To That Picture In Your Mind Of A Healthier, Happier, More Confident YOU

It’s time to make that your new reality. 

Push the “Get Started” button right now and in seconds you will be on your way to never needing to lose weight again.

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I’ve seen so many of these.  The thing is, if you don’t do this right now, one year from now, statistics show you could be a size or more bigger!  Not mention more stressed, less full of life and feeling sick.   People procrastinate every day but this procrastination could not only affect how well you live but how long you live. 

Remember, there is a completely free coaching call included with this offer.

You won’t be going it alone.  Not only do you get a program that guarantees you success but now you can have an expert to speak one on one with! You’ve got the tools, you’ve got the accountability and you are tired of not feeling great or looking at the extra weight when you see your reflection in the mirror.  Say yes to your success now and start moving forward. You’ve got nothing to lose but the weight!

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