Common Energy Drainers and Their Cures By Donna Krech

Here are the 9 most common energy drainers and their cures.

#1 Stress–The number one culprit, if you’re feeling zapped of energy, is most likely stress.

The body is on high alert when we’re under stress, which causes the adrenals to over-produce.  When the adrenals over-produce for too long, they become exhausted, which drains all energy.  If you’re dealing with excess stress, you need to get some stress management and get your stress under control, because that may be what’s zapping your energy.

#2 Excess weight– The average person has 60,000 miles of blood vessels in their body.  If you’re only 25 pounds overweight, there’s an extra 15,000 miles of vessels the body has to nourish.  Everything in your body has to work harder because of the extra weight and that’s an energy drain.

#3 Indecision– which could be worry or anxiety, or just indecisiveness about something.  It takes extra energy to think constantly about an unresolved issue.  Think about when you’re in state of indecision; it’s like the two hemispheres of your brain are at war with each other.  It’s not so much the logical and the emotional, but the brain is just at war; back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Then you finally make the decision.  That feeling of peace comes over you and all of a sudden, you feel energized.  That’s because indecisiveness can be a total zap on your energy, and when you make a decision, whether it’s right or wrong, your energy is returned.  Practicing some decision-making skills is going to return your energy.

#4 Lack of Sleep–You have an internal battery that can only be recharged with adequate amounts of sleep.  If you don’t sleep, you’re never fully recharged.  It’s like your cell phone.  Pretend your cell phone goes dead so you plug it in to recharge.  Then realize you have to leave, so you unplug it and get in your car to leave.  If you talk on it more than ten minutes, it dies.  You’re thinking, “What happened?  I recharged.”  Yes, but you didn’t fully recharge it.  You just recharged it for a little bit and you didn’t get the full charge.  That’s exactly what happens with lack of sleep.

#5 Excessive Sugar or High-sugar Carbohydrates in your diet–The high-glycemic carb raises your glucose level.  When the glucose level spikes high, it’s going to eventually drop low, which produces a jagged line.  When the glucose levels are going up and down all the time, it’s an energy drain, because your body has to work to build that energy back up again.  Unfortunately, we sugar addicts usually just put more sugar in there, which perpetuates the process.  On the other hand, complex carbs, or good carbs, produce more of a curvy, steady line, which means your energy is steadier with complex carbs.

#6 Extensive caffeine–People sometimes say to me, “Wait a minute, that’s supposed to give you energy.”  It’s a false sense of energy.  The caffeine goes in, over-stimulates the adrenal gland, and when the caffeine leaves the body, the adrenals calm down again.  But they were over-stimulated so quickly, that’s not a good form of energy.

#7 Low Protein In Your Diet–Your body can only rebuild with protein.  Protein repairs, it’s a slow-release fuel.  Your body will produce more energy with protein than with any other type of food.

#8 Poorly Functioning Organs–For example, if your liver isn’t functioning properly, toxins aren’t being thrown off.  You won’t feel good; you’ll feel an energy drain. The bad news is that if your liver stops throwing off toxins completely, it’s like falling off a cliff; your body just stops working.

#9 Intestinal Problems–Now, this is multifaceted, but the bottom line is this: if your intestines are not absorbing nutrients well, the body’s not going to be getting rid of the toxins.  We have seven to 14 pounds of blood lying in our large intestines right now.  If the toxins can’t leave the body, you obviously have an energy drain problem.

Let’s quickly talk about some of the solutions.  The question you can ask yourself is, “Am I eating a balanced diet three times a day, so my blood sugar stays steady, so I‘ve got a good nutritional source for my energy level?”

Next, you want to ask yourself how much exercise are you getting, because we all know that exercise produces endorphin, the body’s natural stress manager.  If your diet is good and you’re getting exercise, you may need to get some B-Complex into your system.  If all those things are going well, you could consider a 360 cleanse, a liver cleanse, or a colon cleanse, depending upon which one of the energy drainers you feel applies to you.

Here’s a neat one that not a lot of people know about.  It has nothing to do with diet or exercise.  Setting specific goals, making plans to achieve those goals, and then achieving the goals, no matter how small or how large, will build your confidence and give you energy.

Pay attention to the energy drainers.  Do not discredit them and don’t think they’re less powerful than they are, because when you don’t feel well, you can’t do well.  No matter what the goal, you can’t stay focused if you have no energy.