The Secret To Weight Loss

Do you remember the movie THE SECRET? Its message is one we’ve been teaching in weight loss and fitness for years, and we’ve been the ONLY program teaching it. Well, we’ve been the only company with the vision to teach it. The systems exist for it to be taught and effectively immediately we’ll not be doing it half-heartedly anymore. The movie and our unique approach to weight loss address the validity and power of the Law of Attraction. Like any other law of nature, whether you agree with it or even use, it still works.

We’re all familiar with the Law of Gravity. When something is dropped off a building, it hits the ground. Never, ever does it go upward or hang in mid air. A Law of Nature is thinking-300x222one of the absolutes that is, in fact, a never and an ever and an always. The Law of Attraction follows this rule as well.

The Law of Attraction is simple. We become what we think about. Thoughts become things. We attract what we focus on. There is no exception to this. Even in… especially in… weight loss. When we focus on what we don’t want- that’s exactly what we end up with. When we spend time thinking of what we can’t or don’t have time to do, that’s what happens- we Photo Credit, twenty_questions. don’t do it.

When we think thoughts like, “I don’t want to be overweight,” “I don’t want to be on all these meds,” “I should be exercising,” “I don’t like exercise,” “I hate exercise, but I should do it,” “I hope I don’t gain weight,” etc, etc, etc. these are the exact results we get.

Let me prove it. If you’ve carried extra weight for some time now, ask yourself this question. What thoughts or words like those mentioned above have I had or used? OK, so what was the result? What does my weight look like today? The Law of Attraction says we attract the very thing we don’t want to happen because that’s what we spend our time focusing on. The great news is that the opposite is also true.

When we change our thoughts to thoughts of, “I am happy and grateful to be at the fitness level of an 18 year old,” “I am excited to be naturally highly energized at all times,” “I am thrilled to be at _______ pounds, wearing a size _______ and living life to its fullest because I exercise daily.” The point is that our thoughts have dictated our reality because our thoughts become our actions. So… if we change our thoughts, we change our reality!!

This is what we’ve been teaching for years within our company, mostly to our teams. It’s been a vision and a system to teach it to our members, and in the facilities where the leaders grasp the ideas of Life Success and Never-Ending Motivation, this system is already being taught and with phenomenal results!

My dear reader, you are officially in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!!! How many times in your life have you wished for that? Since you are connected to me and my companies, you’re officially there because we absolutely, positively and 100% have the solution that will result in a life of permanent weight loss, fitness, health and happiness.

As a recipient of this newsletter, you’re officially in the right spot, because this will change your entire life!!! You’ve chosen to be connected to a company where the Law of Attraction is at the center of what guides our thinking. You’re in a place where all we choose to focus on is what we want to see achieved, not what we don’t want to see achieved. It’s a process, so don’t be too hard on yourself as you learn and practice it.

Now, go think about what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Really put it to the test. Think of one core area and of something you want to see as a reality in your life in that area. When you catch yourself thinking of what you don’t want, stop the thought and replace it with a thought about what you do want.

Gratitude and forgiveness are what fuel this system. If you have negative feelings about anyone or anything, please keep in mind that you’ll keep getting that all around you as long as you’re thinking about it. Come on now… use your Law of Attraction.

Article Source: Donna Krech